Governmental Management & Planning

At Santos McBain Management and Planning (Santos McBain) our business model brings a team approach to our clients, tailored to the amount of time and work needed.

Moreover, at Santos McBain, we believe that providing consulting and grant administration services for projects, programs, or initiatives is much more than finding a certain group of academic or job qualifications. It is about the right fit for where your organization is today, while having the skills and experience needed to assist your organization in getting where you envision it to be tomorrow. The right fit shares your vision, understands your goals, meets your objectives, and exceeds your expectations.

Management and Planning

While our expertise is within governmental services, many of the skills Santos McBain brings can be used by private and non-profit organizations as well. Some of the services we offer are listed below.


Government Management Services
Executive Staff Support Services
Economic Development Management
Emergency Management Services
Disaster Recovery Support Services
Grant Administration
Contract Negotiation/Re-Negotiation
Economic Development Negotiation
Revenue Optimization
Cost Containment Measures
External Funds Acquisition


Strategic Planning
Internal Assessments
Project Development
Infrastructure Planning
Parks Planning
Budget Preparation
Financial Forecasting
Survey Preparation
Data Collection
Data Analysis
Policy Formation

Our Clients

County Governments
City Governments
4A Corporations in Texas
4B Corporations in Texas
Public Housing Authorities
Community Development Foundations
Non-Profit Microlenders
Workforce Non-Profits